Receiving a Grant

If you accept a grant, you will need to sign a contract, submit a range of reports and acknowledge the support of the ACT Government.

Signing the contract

You will be required to sign a Deed of Grant (contract) between you and the ACT Government. The deed will make explicit the obligations of both the grant recipient and the ACT Government. This will include reporting and acknowledgement requirements. It is important to read the deed carefully and if you have questions, please contact the relevant agency for more information.

Submitting reports

Generally, the minimum reporting requirements for a grant are a final report involving a description of project outcomes, and an acquittal of how the grant was used. However, each program has its own specific reporting requirements - please refer to the ACT Government agency responsible for your grant for more information.

Acquitting the project

An acquittal involves providing documentation that shows how you spent the grant money that you received. This may include an independent audit of the grant expenditure. Some agencies provide acquittal templates that will make clear the information required.

Generally, you will be asked to give back any grant money not expended, as part of the acquittal process. Please check with the relevant grant program to confirm its requirements.

Acknowledging funding in project advertising

Generally, it is a requirement of all ACT Government funding programs that the grantees acknowledge the ACT Government support in material provided as a result of that funding. Specific acknowledgement requirements vary program to program, but they will be detailed in your Deed of Grant; please check the requirements with your contact officer.

The ACT Government logo may be used to acknowledge the government’s support of your project, event or initiative.

Find out more about acknowledging the ACT Government by using its logo.