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Strategies to Attract Philanthropy

As part of the Report into Philanthropy in the ACT a survey was conducted amongst ACT non government organisations. Survey respondents were asked to report on the strategies they use to obtain and sustain philanthropic giving. These strategies include contacting donors, identifying prospective donors, keeping records and fundraising. The respondents indicated that the most effective strategies for fundraising were generally identifying prospective donors, fundraising events, contacting major donors and developing partnerships with business.

Fundraisign Strategies
(Figure adapted from ’A Review of Philanthropy in the Australian Capital Territory’)

In conclusion, the Report found that non government organisations in the ACT had a ‘scatter gun’ approach to philanthropy that was not very successful. This approach is when non government organisations undertake several activities at once in an unplanned way. This underinvestment and lack of a coordinated approach affects the success of non government organisations in attracting, increasing and sustaining philanthropic giving.

In order to create a more sustainable approach to philanthropy it is useful to consider the growing trends in philanthropic giving. The Report indicates that the following are growing trends in giving:

  • Regular donations through a donor form nominating how much and how often;
  • Major gifts of real estate or other property;
  • Annual donation to a named trust or through a named trust; and
  • Workplace giving through a regular salary deduction.

How to register as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

A DGR is a fund or organisation that is entitled to receive tax deductible gifts. To apply for DGR status see the Australian Tax Office website at External Web site

Ten Principles of Fundraising

The Ten Principles of Fundraising can assist organisations to develop a more sustainable approach to receiving funds through philanthropic means.
Further information is available at External Web site

What Type of Philanthropic Resources are you Seeking?


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Ongoing Donations

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Workplace Giving

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Sponsorship and Partnerships

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