Applying for a Grant

This section provides general information and tips for those considering applying for a grant from the ACT Government. Eligibility requirements, assessment criteria, and budget information differ across ACT Government programs. It is essential that you contact the agency responsible for the program to which you are most interested in applying, so that you have all the required information.

Important note: the following information is a general overview only and does not in itself constitute assessment criteria.

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What type of grant should I apply for?

The ACT Government administers a range of grant programs for a list of the two broad funding ‘streams’ that are available:

If you are not sure where your project best fits, please contact the agency that is responsible for the grant program you think is the most suitable and they will assist you to determine if your project meets the eligibility criteria for that program.


Is there anybody I can talk to about my proposal?

Yes. Please contact the agency that administers the relevant program to discuss your proposal prior to the closing date. They will let you know what is required for that particular program.

Some ACT Government agencies also run information sessions about their grant programs, which applicants are strongly encouraged to attend.


Are there other resources that can assist me to write an application?

The application processes are competitive, to improve your chance to receive funding, check that your application meets the aims, target groups and elegibility criteria of the program.

Most ACT Government agencies will provide information booklets, information sheets and other resources for their respective grant programs. Please make sure you have all the information you need. Some ACT Government agencies that offer grant programs periodically conduct training sessions for potential applicants. It is recommended that you get in touch with the appropriate contact officer for information on these resources.

Some applicants find it useful to have a member of their own community read their application to ensure it is a comprehensive proposal. There are useful internet sites that may assist, such as the Community Building websiteExternal Web site.

You may also find it useful to refer to:


Who is eligible to apply?

Eligibility criteria varies between programs. Some programs are only available to organisations, whilst others are open to individuals and groups. Please check the guidelines of the relevant grant program for details.

A Political Party is not eligible for government funded community grants.

If applying on behalf of an organisation, you may be required to submit a short description of the organisation, describing your mission, history, achievements and long-term goals. It is important to give yourself time to prepare your application and if necessary, for your Board or Management Committee's approval process to be finalised. Again, please check the application requirements with the relevant contact officer as it may vary considerably from program to program.


Can joint applications be submitted?

It will depend on the grant program. However, if you are applying with others, an individual or an organisation will need to be responsible for the management of the grant, including the acquittal.

Some grant programs encourage a partnership or community support to conduct a project. Please refer to program guidelines for specific details.


Does my organisation need to be incorporated to be eligible for grant funding?

No, only for some grant programs. However, the relevant grant guidelines will make this clear.
If you need to be incorporated to apply for a grant program, your group/organisation can either:

  • become incorporated (for information on how to become incorporated, please visit the Office of Regulatory Services website External Web site or phone (02) 620 70473); or
  • be auspiced by an incorporated organisation (to meet eligibility criteria).

For more information on the incorporation process, go to the ACT Council of Social Service website. External Web site

If you are in the process of becoming incorporated, you may need to supply various documents like a certificate of incorporation, financial statements, annual report, insurance details etc as part of your applications. Allow enough time to source them before the closing date. Check with the contact officer for more information on what is needed for the specific grant program.


Do I or my organisation need to be Goods and Services Tax (GST) registered and what does that mean?

No, an individual or an organisation is not required to be GST registered. However, if an individual or an organisation is not GST registered, and does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), a Statement by Supplier form can be completed. The form is available at the Australian Tax Office website. External Web site

If this form is not completed, then the funding body is required to withhold 49.5% of the grant in lieu of tax. More information on GST for community organisations at the Australian Tax Office web site. External Web site


Does my project need public liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance is generally required if any aspect of your activity will be carried out on ACT Government - owned land. If you are being auspiced by another organisation because your group is not incorporated, it is possible to use their insurance but it must be agreed in writing, and discussed with their insurance company.

Further information about public liability insurance can be found at the ACT Government's Public Liability Risk Advisory Service website. External Web site

All other insurance requirements should also be in place where necessary and appropriate.


What will not be funded?

Grants cannot be made retrospectively (to cover money already spent). If you have received other ACT Government grant funding, then you will be considered for a new grant only if you have satisfactorily met your acquittal requirements.

Check the grant guidelines of the specific grants program for details of what type of project will be funded.


What funds are available per application?

If there is a maximum amount per application, it will be advised by each grant program.


How detailed does the budget need to be?

Your budget needs to be detailed enough to explain your request and how you worked out the funding amount. Individual grant programs may provide a budget template for you to use, some templates provided are mandatory program requirements.

In general, your budget should be appropriate and realistic. You should also show other contributions you have received or sought for this project/program and separate these from the grant amount requested from the ACT Government.

For details on what exactly to include in your budget, check the guidelines of the grant program to which you are applying.


What happens after I have submitted my application?

Applications are checked to ensure all required information has been submitted:

  • Eligible applications are assessed by a panel, which can include community and expert members.
  • Some grant programs will have a ministerial appointed body that will be responsible for grant assessment, for example the ACT Cultural Council.
  • Generally, recommendations are then made to the relevant Minister who makes the final decision.
  • Once the decision has been reached, successful applicants will be informed and a public announcement made. Most funding programs will advise applicants of the funding outcomes in writing, usually prior to the public announcement.
  • A deed of grant is developed and provided to the applicant. Once it is signed and co-signed by the ACT Government, the funds will be released.

Sometimes the ACT Government will offer a grant on the basis that certain conditions are met. These will be made clear to you before you sign the Deed of Grant.

If your application is unsuccessful, you are encouraged to seek feedback from the relevant agency on how you might strengthen your application prior to applying for other funding opportunities.